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Lip care in winter

      Hey girls!

      Like skin, our lips need a corresponding care in winterBecause of wind and cold Our lips are affected, too dry and flaking:To protect lips in the winter you apply a layer of moisturizer to the face or a special cream for lips;)
         TIP: Apply every evening a little honey on your lips and try to not eat:)) and also use it as a scrub to remove dead skin layer on the lips.
        METHOD: apply some honey on your lips and let it work for 3-5 minutes then rub gently with a toothbrushOrder not to wound,not insist!
Be careful not to exfoliate too often, once a week is enough:)
      TO AVOID: Do not give your tongue on the lips when they feeldry. Keep you an intensely moisturizing lip balm!

      La fel ca tenul, buzele noastre au nevoie de o ingrijire corespunzatore in sezonul rece. Din cauza vantului si frigului buzele noastre au de suferit, se usuca si se exfoliaza excesiv:( Pentru ati proteja buzele pe timpul iernii aplica un strat de crema hidratanta pentru fata sau o crema speciala pentru buze;)
    SFAT: aplicati in fiecare seara putina miere pe buze si incercati sa nu o mancati:)) si de asemenea folositi-o ca si exfoliant pentru indepartarea stratului de piele moarta de pe buze.
    METODA: aplicati putina miere pe buze si lasati sa actioneze 3-5 minute dupa care frecati uor cu periuta de dinti. PENTRU A NU VA RANI, NU INSISTATI!
Aveti grija sa nu le exfoliati prea des, odata pe saptamana este de ajuns:)
     DE EVITAT: nu dati cu limba pe buze cand le simtiti uscate.Tineti la voi un balsam de buze intens hidratant!

Take care:*:*!!!!

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  1. si un unt este foarte bun ...cacao , cocos...

  2. Great post!
    I didn't know the thing about the honey, but i'm going to try it for sure! =) Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for your comment at my post about Brugge.
    hahaha, that's not my sister in the pictures! that's me! xD

    Hmm.. I think i'll post pictures of the things I bought there in my January shoplog, which will be posted at the end of January! (: Hope you can wait that long haha xD

    x Elena

  3. Haha oh, well it's nothing xD
    My sister and i look very alike, for many people that's confusing (they think that my sister is me and otherwise ) xD though you've never seen my sister, but anyway xD

    In weekend I think i'll try the thing with the honey. because then i'm at my dad's house and there i can find honey xD at my mom's house we don't have it xD

    by the way, I was wondering, how old are you? ^.^ just curious :P

    x Elena

  4. these are some great tips - i love your blog and thank you so much for sharing these tips with us :) i will be sure to try out the honey, except i think i will probably eat it all.