miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Galaxy nails / party nails

Hello my dear:*
I know I missed some time but I was away :) Today I will show my nails :)
I hope you enjoy:)
I used:
- blue glitter
- Golden Rose black


buna dragele mele:*
Stiu ca am lipsit ceva timp dar am fost plecata :) Azi o sa va arat unghiile mele :)
sper sa va placa:)
Am folosit:
- sclipici albastru
- Golden Rose negru

12 comentarii:

  1. Amazing nails!
    I love the glitter in the nail polish (:

    I saw you had posted a comment at my post about snai mail.
    You asked me where i found the people i do snail mail with.
    I can tell you that (:
    There is a website called Interpals:
    in this website you can make a profile and then get to know people from other countries (:
    This way you can make international friends and also do snail mail with them or send emails.
    it's also great for improving your english skills.
    and most importantly: it's for free :D
    hehe, hope I informed you enough (:

    I've just returned from my trip to France. These days I will post things on my blog about this trip ^^
    Stay tuned XD

    xo Elena (:

  2. What a beautiful nails!!!
    Love them!!

  3. Hey there! :)
    You still alive?
    I haven't heard anything from you in a long time, neither have I seen any new posts.
    Just wondering if you're still blogging?

    x Elena

  4. Really lovely nail polish color!


  5. Thank you for your comment! :D
    Long time no new post from you... :(

    x Elena