marți, 29 mai 2012

vintage mustache

                                                      is time mustache:))

hey how are you girls?
Finally the rain stopped and the sun made ​​its appearance than expected :)
Losing time on the internet I saw an interesting article to bloggers:) (
what do you think it was?: D About mustache, I know it sounds weird but it really is a must-have of 2012: D accessories, clothes, nail designs ... mustache is customary:D
It seemed so funny that I tried and I nail a model :)
is not able, but I want to share with you :)
P.S: do not understand why not focus phone well:(

hey ce mai faceti fetelor?
In sfarsit ploaia s-a oprit si si-a facut aparitia soarele mult asteptat:)
Pierzand timpul pe internet am vazut un articol interesant la o bloggerita:) (
despre ce credeti ca era vorba?:D Despre mustata, stiu suna ciudat dar chiar este un must-have al anului 2012:D Accesorii, haine, modele de unghii...mustata este nelipsita:D
Mi s-a parut asa de amuzant incat am zis sa incerc si eu un model de unghii:)
nu este chiar reusit, dar vreau sa impartasesc cu voi:)
P.S: nu inteleg de ce nu focalizeaza camera  telefonului bine:(
(two models I have looked nice on the internet)

and two casual outfits:D
What do you think? you like "mustache"?:D

9 comentarii:

  1. Love mustache, my friend has a real one and now everybody loves him :D Great outfits, I love what you put together here! Thanks for your comment and following! Following back ;) xoxo from New York City

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  3. I will follow you but GFC disagree the connection.
    I will try tomorrow

  4. Heey!
    I'm doing fine, thanks!
    What about you?
    This is such a nice and cute post! I think the mustache is absolutely amazing (:
    I really want to have a necklace with a mustache on it, but unfortunatelly i haven't found one so far :(
    Anyway, thanks for all the comments at my blog. I haven't been working on it a lot lately, since I was very busy.
    that's also the reason I couldn't reply earlier... Next two weeks are busy again but afterwords i'm in summer holidays and i'll have lots of free time.
    So then you can expect many post from me haha xD


  5. I like mustache:) I love all these naildesigns and especially the ones with all these colours and the stripes! Your naildesign is very succsessful!! Perfectly with the glitter! The watch and both shirts are great, too!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  6. cute naildesign :) I love it !
    thanks for your comments at my blog :)
    I love the jeans and the watch :)

    xoxo :)

  7. Really cute nails.I'm following you now .If you want to follow me back here I am